TransPad TP-705
TransPad TP-503

The TransPad Deluxe™ solves a problem that many PDA users daily experience: the awkward way to make notes and draw on the PDA's display. Now there is an alternative to the stylus or a keyboard. TransPad Deluxe™ is an elegantly designed notepad portfolio in which you can attach your PDA organizer to a specially designed compartment. The portfolio contains an ordinary paper pad placed on an electromagnetic digitizer.

TransPad Deluxe lets you make handwritten notes with pen and paper that are relayed to the PDA via an IrDA infrared connection. As you write on the TransPad Deluxe, a digital copy of your writing appears simultaneously on your PDA. These images can then be viewed, organized, e-mailed or converted to files for use in virtually all Windows® applications. The flexible IrDA transceiver ensures an optimum compatibility with currently available PDA models. The TransPad Deluxe has a finish of real leather.

ACME's exclusive electronic pen automatically transmits your notes to the TransPad Deluxe's digitizer. Flip it over and the pen doubles as a stylus, so you don't have to switch back and forth while using the PDA and the TransPad Deluxe.


Develop your idea's more natural

The best ideas are often developed on the back of an envelope. TransPad Deluxe allows you to capture anything written in ink on paper. Easily draw clarifying diagrams or write memos and save them for future reference.

Easily record your meeting notes

The TransPad Deluxe finally solves one of the biggest problems with PDAs. Meeting notes! Take handwritten notes during a meeting and instantly send them to the PDA.

Keep in eye-contact during "data input"

Using laptops during a conversation can be quite obtrusive. Making notes on the TransPad Deluxe is more discrete and allows you to keep in eye contact with the people you are talking with.

Elegant look and a handy size

The handy size of the TransPad Deluxe makes it easy to carry with you. Not only in the office, but also in public places like parks or restaurants. The discreet look of the portfolio may make you feel less embarrassed than opening up a notebook computer.

4X Zoom

Zoom up to 4X for viewing your drawings in detail.


The TransPad Deluxe comes with 2 ink refills. The notepad is a standard 5 x 7-inch (TP-705) or a 3 x 5-inch (TP-503) pad of ordinary paper. Paper pad refills are readily available at stationery stores.

TP- 705
TP- 503
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Working area (L x W) 7 x 5-inch 5 x 3-inch
Resolution 1000 dpi 1000 dpi
Accuracy +/- 0.25mm +/- 0.25mm
Proximity 8 mm 8 mm
Technology Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Weight 1000 g (w/o PDA ) 650 g (w/o PDA )
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 260 x 190 x 40mm 190 x 130x 45mm
Connectivity IrDA IrDA

System Requirement

  WinCE 3.0 or higher
  Palm OS 3.3 or higher
  CD-ROM drive
  Pentium PC or equivalent running Windows 95 or later with 16MB or more memory


  Electronic pen
  1 paper pad
  2 ballpen refill (black ink).
  1 LR41 battery for electronic pen.
2 AAA batteries for TransPad Deluxe
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