LCD monitor and graphics tablet in one
ACME's Centurion™ tablet LCD monitor allows everyone from designers and illustrators to doctors and professors to work directly on the screen. Users can navigate their cursor, and design, paint, draw, write or sign in an intuitive and natural way by means of ACME’s exclusive wireless and pressure sensitive stylus pen.

The Centurion™ tablet LCD monitor provides optimum hand-eye coordination, allowing users to work with a pen on the screen as easy as on normal paper. This input device is designed for everybody that wants to creatively and efficiently design, produce documents, and make presentations.

As opposed to touchscreens, ACME’s Centurion™ tablet LCD monitor uses state-of-the-art and highly accurate electromagnetic technology. Its versatility makes the Centurion™ the ultimate tool for graphic and industrial design, 3D-animation and game design, multimedia, database management, education, and the production of audio and video.

Tablet-PC functionality - Desktop quality
ACME's Centurion™ tablet LCD monitor easily connects to a tablet-PC, and resolves the rather poor screen quality and other limitations due to the form factor of tablet-PCs.
Wireless and pressure sensitive pen
With a pressure sensitivity of 1024 levels, the stylus pen is an ideal utensil to intuitively draw or manipulate digital images, and for shading in sketches. You can effectively dose digital paint to create stunning art-work. You can effectively create thicker or stronger lines, or dose digital paint, by pressing harder on the tip of the pen.
Freely programmable pen buttons
The buttons of the pen are freely programmable and you may add or customize their function according to your own personal preferences.
Sturdy and ergonomic adjustable stand
The adjustable stand lets you tilt and position the monitor in virtually any position for a convenient and ergonomic work approach.
Durable and scratch resistant surface-->
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