No learning curves: Compatibilty with the latest APs
ACME’s electromagnetic technology fully supports mainstream software applications such as Microsoft® Office™ XP and 2003, and Adobe® Photoshop™7.0. Because users are already familiar with the rich features of these packages no learning curves are required.

It's a breeze to use the new handwriting features in Microsoft Office XP and 2003. You can write whole sentences directly on the screen, which will then be recognized and entered in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access or MS Internet Explorer. In MS Powerpoint you can select the pen option and clarify your presentations by making annotations directly on the screen while keeping in eye contact with your audience. And, of course, you can organize your notes and add handwritten comments in the new MS Office OneNote 2003 program.

The Centurion™ further replaces the mouse functions in all other Windows based programs.

Another step closer to the ‘paperless office
The Centurion™ eliminates the tedious step of printing out and annotating documents. A boss can make annotations directly on the screen and share the document with his secretary, who can then make the necessary modifications.
Digital ink for designers and engineers
ACME’s Centurion™ is a versatile design tool that allows industrial designer and engineers to let their imagination free rein and focus on their work.
Share a whiteboard during a video conference
ACME's Centurion™ tablet LCD monitor offers a comprehensive way to share a whiteboard (or other applications) in Microsoft Netmeeting.
  When deployed in an e-classroom environment, the Centurion™ highly increases interactivity between teacher and students.
Presentations and Seminars
  In combination with an LCD monitor speakers and lecturers can use the Centurion™ as a digital whiteboard and greatly enhance their presentations. ACME’s stylus pen replaces the traditional laser pointer and permits to make clarifying annotations on the screen while keeping in eye-contact with their audience.
Electronic signatures
Documents and contracts can be signed on the screen everywhere and anytime with a handwritten signature. Special software *) allows the signature to be captured, recognized and verified, making the document legally binding.
Medical imaging and electronic medical records (EMR)
Medical staff can easily annotate research results and associate them to a patient’s medical record.
.*) Not included
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