Let your kid make a mess directly on the screen(instead of on your wallpaper...)
  The Centurion™ comes bundled with software that includes paint-brushes, felt-pens, buckets full of oil paint, and jars full of ink. Just sit back and enjoy seeing your kid exploring its world.
Learn and play the easy way
  Thanks to the Centurion™ children can get familiar with today information technology by using a simple pen rather than a keyboard and mouse. This allows them to intuitively interact with the wide variety of educational software that is available these days.
Write e-mail without keyboard
  You can write and send handwritten e-mail without using the keyboard. A great solution for the elderly or people who for whatever reason cannot make use of a keyboard and mouse.
Improved accessibility for the handicapped
  The Centurion™ provides a more comfortable computing environment for people who have motion-related disabilities and helps minimize the impact of mobility impairments on their work.
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